Jumping Table Mountain for HBO

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  1. Debra Chase says:

    It’s silly, how happy these make me. Those are beautiful. I love that moment when your wings Pop & fill :) Flowers! You were CLOSE. I think this is the first time I noticed it, but you have to Do something to release all that wing material,when your chute opens.


  2. Kobus Kolver says:

    Wish I could have been there to see it. Cape Town is only an hour away from me by plane.

    I am such a huge fan. You are such an inspiration. Thanks for thrilling me with your jumps.

    From one Dragon to another: Tame the fates!

  3. Jess Forth says:


  4. Rose says:

    Nice. Have you thought about jumping the Brixton Tower/Carlton Centre/Hillbrow Tower in Jo’burg? Our weather is WONDERFUL, the views of our urban forest surprising and our people great. The traffic sucks though :)

  5. Jonathan Mc Anenly says:

    love the way your never straight=faced while flying but smiling or at least have a wee smirk on your face… :-)

  6. Debra Chase says:

    I just turned my laptop upside down to look at that first one…as you, to really feel the drop. Whoaa, cool! Of course it belongs upright for the sequence. :)

  7. Ivan Ayliffe says:

    Do come jump some of the peaks on the way to the Robertson DZ.

    There’s one called Madonna – perfect bowl, plenty of room to land.

    Speak to oliver.nothen@gmail.com.

    Welcome to South Africa!

  8. Ray Chaplin says:

    Awesome stuff Jeb! Any chance of pulling in at the GoPro offices while you’re in Cape Town?!

  9. johann bezuidenhout says:

    May I come along..pleeeeeeese : ) AWESOME!! And this rush from a few pics!?!

  10. Awesome! Gonna link to this from our newsletter tomorrow. I stay in Cape Town, and would have loved to have watched.

  11. Niel says:

    Wow! Awesome stuff Jeb!

  12. Mike V says:

    Sweaty palms man! those clips are EPIC!

  13. Maru says:

    Nice pics Jeb…I could hear you laughing in that last pic of yours

  14. Bruce says:

    Cant believe you actually came to cape town!! Awesome stuff once again :), which side of the mountain did you go down?? looks like in the pics its on the camps bay side..

  15. Francois says:

    hey Jeb..sorry to’ve heard bout your incident during todays jump…glad your still alive…Heal well and soon,hopefully see ya jumping again in near future from Table Mountain! Chrz Francois

  16. Deon says:

    Jeb sorry to hear about your accident in CPT yesterday … it sucks that it happened in my home country and city! It would not surprise me if a strong gust wind caused your accident, Cape Town is known for it, we call it the South Easter winds and they really strong especially around the higher ends of the mountains. Knowing you, you’ll be back on your feet and back in a jump suit in NO TIME! :-) Get well soon mate we want to see you make that jump without a parachute! Deon Maritz

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  18. jason says:

    i have thought long & hard trying to think of a more intense, amazing, dangerous, self-gratifiying, sport than wearing the wingsuit!!! This is only my opinion, but its the coolest activity a human can do. its great for many reasons, and i dont have the will to type all them now! My reasons are my reasons anyway. no one elses. i jump for ME!!!(probably because no one else wants me too!sweet!!) Jebb is on another planet compared to me skillwise, but some day maybe… thx jebb, u inspire many, just like u did me!!!!

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