Finally home

Got home and fixed my broken computer so now I can start blogging again :) Heading to Conan tonight to get made fun of for being a dumb ass and hurting my self :) It feels so nice to be out of bed and moving around again. I am shocked at how fast I am getting better :) I looked at my skin graft this morning and it actually kind of looks like skin now :) The scar is not going to be as horrible as I first thought :) I can also now walk for little distances without crutches :) Very very soon I will be in the air again :)

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  1. Singularity Utopia says:

    You are a brilliant inspiration Jeb. It is amazing what you do but I hope you will be more careful after your recent close call on Table Mountain. One thing which concerns me is that in your videos you’ve often said you can’t live forever, but that is wrong. Not many people realise we soon will live forever because science and technology are progressing at an accelerating rate. Advances in Stem Cells and nanotechnology will soon allow us to augment our bodies and reverse the ageing process therefore many people alive today will live forever if they can live long enough to see the breakthroughs over the next 30 years. Don’t stop having fun but remember we don’t have to die, we can live forever. I would really like to Grind the Crack; your video is mind-blowing. I think it really needs to be actually experienced rather than watched but I will wait until my body has been upgraded and personal forcefields have been invented before I try it. Glad to hear your recovery is happening quicker than expected. Keep flying but no mistakes next time.

  2. Gareth Harris says:

    I am amazed and in awe of what you do and how you live your life! Glad you are feeling better and hope you can continue to live life to fullest!

  3. YEYES says:

    Please, be carefull the next time. We`ll like to see you in the air for a long time. If you want to be close the land, do it walking, :-).

  4. steve ottmer says:

    thanks so much for all you do – it’s such an inspiration
    i pray you get back up in the air asap
    all the best

  5. Bob Folline says:


    So glad you are OK and recovering.

    Originally I heard you jumped the back of Table mountain and could not imagine how you would make that mistake. There were no good landing places there at all. When I scoped it out, Jan 2010, the best place I found was the exact place you jumped. Thus the pictures I sent around.

    I really appreciated seeing that you had gone a reasonable route and just how you were to making it. Thank you for posting the video.

    I wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you again this spring. Maybe for Ed’s spring meet.


  6. Daniel says:

    Really nice to see a post from you, man! And awesome to know you’re getting better so fast.

  7. Yill says:

    Sorry for my grammar… I just want to tell u, that I´m glad to know about ur fast recovering…
    it was a miracle… and keep going I know u will be in the air again…

    Blue Sky Jeb
    take care,
    yill from Vzla…

  8. DANA says:

    just saw you on conan and i think i have seen you elsewhere when i was channel surfing – god bless you and your adventures – wow you are one brave guy! be careful!

  9. DANA says:

    oh yeah and hope you have a speedy recovery!

  10. Joseph Robertson says:

    Jeb, thanks for the update. Congrats on healing so fast and well. Can’t wait to see you in the air again. Hope you had as much fun with Conan as he is having you on.

  11. Kristian Glanville says:

    Jeb, dude u are amazing. i only recently discovered some footage of you jumping, and it has blown me (and all of my friends who i HAD to share it with away). watching you fly is both inspirational and breath taking. i just watched the Feearless doco and have become even more amazed by you as an athlete, and as a person. all the best for a full and fast recovery. i can imagine nothing worse than the feeling you must have had realising that impact was unavoidable, how do you get past that and go again? silly question i guess for the man who seems to taunt fear and laugh in its face, but to someone like me… i dont know that i could get past that. even tho id like to tell myself i could.
    anyway, thank you for being the person you are and making the impossible seem mundane, respect and best wishes!

  12. Momof5 says:

    Hey Jeb, awesome to hear you are up and walking somewhat. I watched your Fearless episode tonight (never watched it before!) and it sure gave me the bug to get back to base…your full-on spirit is something many people should envy. Best wishes in the rest of your recovery!

  13. Fabio says:

    Great Jeb!! It’s really great to hear so good news, hope to see you fly as soon as possible!!!

  14. Radovan Urban says:

    I wish a speedy recovery and flying.

  15. Giulio says:

    Looking forward to seeing you up in the air again soon. Your flights are inspiring. Good luck, and speedy recovery, and watch the altitude bro!

  16. Nick says:

    You’re living the dream. Try to keep your head in the right clouds, Go Jeb GO

  17. Daniel says:

    Fear is the thief of dreams….from an old African bush pilot/guide

  18. Charlie says:

    So glad you’re okay and on the road to recovery. You’re such an inspiration for living life to the max. Can’t wait to see you back in the air again!

  19. Tim McGonegal says:

    Hey Jeb, saw you on Conan last night. You look great. Humbling experiences always make us stronger. Glad you’re gonna be alright and get up again soon!

  20. Patricia Moreno says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. I hope you continue to mend, and are back to normal soon. I’d like to say be careful but you’d prolly laugh so be careful anyway and if you really DO manage to make your landing successfully, please please use that incredible camera. I’ll be looking forward to it as I know you are. Good luck, and best wishes.

  21. stuart says:

    Hey Jeb thanks for the update glad to hear your out and back home in one piece and getting better so fast:)keep up the good work look forward to next update.

  22. Mike says:

    Saw you on Conan again, glad you made it back.
    What you do would still be awesome…if you pushed the envelope a little less. Stay safe.

  23. Flo says:

    I’m glad to see you doing better, someone up there must have an eye on you, it’s a miracle that you either already on your feet. But perhaps this misadventure that should make you think about your future exploits … Miracles do not happen as often as we hope to … even to the luckiest.

    treats you well
    a french friend

  24. bernard w says:

    Hello! I recently discovered your amazing videos, congratulations on your presence of mind that has allowed you to open your parachute, certainly it saves you … I’m glad your back. courage to reeducation exercises! friendly sincere thought.

  25. Al Mo says:

    Jeb, you’re an inspiration. Take care of yourself.

  26. Anthony Benedosso says:

    You are such an inspiration. I wish I could live my life as fearlessly as you do. I know some may say that I can, but I just can’t. I don’t have it in me. I was in the Army and I went to Iraq, I’ve sky dived, scuba dived etc but I’m like most Americans. I live a largely uneventful life that is full of mundane obligations. I’m happy that you’re sharing your experiences with all of us so that we can share in your exuberance for life. Keep on doing what you do Jeb. Just be careful.

  27. Jeremy says:


    I to share your passion for flight. Currently I am flight instructing and have always wanted to take that step out of a plane or off a cliff. After watching the things you do you have inspired me to take that leap and get my butt skydiving. You are right, about finding the passion and following your dreams. I now look at life in a new light.

    Thank you

  28. robbo says:

    nice to hear your on the mend Jeb :-), Im sure it want be long and you will in the air once again and showing the world how to fly.
    good luck fae bonnie scotland and keep going

  29. greg says:


    saw your story last night on real sports/hbo..
    unreal. i wish you all the best in your recovery.
    i was in cape town this last may and table top- on a pretty day- is amazing.

    take care, and get strong.

    greg from memphis, tn..

  30. Jimmy says:

    I’ve been a firefighter for awhile now and have been in some situations that made me nervious but watching you makes me feel like a pu—. You have to be the most selfmotivatimg person I’ve ever seen. That is very inspiring. I just watched the video of you at table mountain and WOW! After going through that and still being able to deploy you chute is absolutely amazing. Anyone else, I’m sure, would have died. You are great at what you do, and are an amazing person! Some people say your crazy but I think your brilliant. Keep up the good work and just be safe. Everyman has his limitations even superman!

  31. Russ says:

    WOW! Glad you made the big play and denied the Reaper on that one…get airborne again real soon! all the best!

  32. Kalyn says:

    This is something I must find more information about, appreciate the article.

  33. Kerby says:

    What an incredible way to live. Ever since I saw your grinding the crack video I have been a follower of your fear defying adventures. Some would see you as having a death wish. I think you are showing us what someone with a life wish can accomplish. I am glad there are people like you out there showing the rest of us what human beings can do. Thanks, and I hope I passed some inspiration back to you. Heal well.

  34. angelique says:

    glad to see you’re ok, Jeb. My 6-year-old daughter said she wanted to fly like a bird this week, and has been devising ways she can do it lately… dare I show her your videos…
    stay well,
    a former juror
    ps- finally did a tandem dive a few months ago… always thought that would make great press for you to tandem dive with a juror that begrudgingly found you “sort of” guilty.

  35. jerry says:

    glad to hear your doing good jeb i broke my leg stunt riding my bike i found your videos in search for someone with the same sick head i love doing what i do and it’s obvious you do to keep doing your thing bro despite what the critics say, get well fast and visit new york soon.

  36. Rupert Wölfl says:

    To hear nice you are better again. Now you can celebrate the second birthday.
    Good improvement furthermore!
    Sorry for my bad english, but i`m a German.

  37. R-22 Captain says:

    When I first heard of your unfortunate accident, I paused for a moment, expecting the worst. Having seen some of your interviews, I knew you’d fight back if you could … I’m glad you’re doing just that. I can hardly wait to hear of your next [successful] flight.

  38. Warren Luck says:

    I remember these words from the closing of “Wings” video at Antioch, Ca. in the mid 70s.
    “Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to see them come true.”
    Made my first jumps a little easier.
    Warren Luck Brisbane, Australia

  39. Russell - South Africa says:

    Jeb –

    Wicked feat in Cape Town man.
    Sorry our mountain bust you up dude.
    Your crash site has become a landmark.
    Thanks for coming to South Africa and jerking us out of our lethargy.
    Dudes like you are required to push the limits humanity sets itself.


  40. Jason Elrick says:

    Hey Jeff, you are an inspiration world wide. Your passion for what you do has helped me get back on track with my sporting and adventure life, after many years of not doing so, so thank you.

    I live in Cape Town and was watching all the news on the day you hit, thinking, I hope they know who they’re taking care of here, cause the world needs you up there in the air buddy.

    Live strong,

  41. ryan says:

    hell ya jeb! get well soon bud. me and the boys discovered your videos while sittin around at the fire house. you’ve become a cult classic. cant wait to see some more. be safe man

  42. Jim says:

    Fly safe man, its ok if u dont get real close to terra firma. 8k hours of jet time, this rule has worked for me.

  43. Roland Crista says:


    God love you! Am a newbie to your ‘craft’ by coming across one of your videos on youtube. Remarkable, ballsy, and inspirational – and i’m not talking about your flying, but your motivations in doing such. May your passions continue to carry you a long, and healthy life. God speed with your recovery, future flights and continued inspiration to many.

    Cheers – Roland

  44. alex says:

    Glad to hear you’re ok. You make it look so easy!
    By the way, what did more damage the ledge or the landing?
    Blue skies!

  45. Georg says:

    breathtakin´- keep on going, you are the best. I´m a glider pilot, but what that´s nothing regarding what you are doing,
    get better soon,

  46. mick says:

    you create inspiration to people all over the world, you went too close in South Africa, get some sponsors and some money in the bank so we can watch you once you recover, enjoy what you do, scare us then retire rich and safe.

  47. Peter says:

    Well what to say,

    Most of the people i showed your videos always says how crazy you must be to do such things, this one shows how a great professional you are. Still be able to open after the crash and land with a line twist, you are now officialy the luckyest man on the planet.
    I guess if you where a cat you left one of your nine lives on this one.

    Seriously, get well a soon as possible.

    PS.: With such a amount of luck may i suggest you start playing at the lotery, might bring a lot of cash home.

  48. Big O says:

    It´s good to hear that you are on the best way to get back in the air :)

    Every Person on this Planet search all the live for doing unique, more than 99% take this search in the grave but you are one of the Person that find it now :) and can enjoy this every day!!! So feal lucky!! :)

    Germany loves you, we all still looking in the air :)

    With the best wishes, Big O

  49. Miik says:

    I am amazed how fast you recovered after the inflight accident, and saved your own life…..You need to be more careful!!!!!!! We all are amazed with what you do, and you are the best at it. Get well soon, and play it more safe next time……I am looking forward to you trying to land with out a parrashoot! Miik fr. campbellton, Ca.

  50. Miik says:

    Im looking forward to seeing how you plan to land with out a parrashoot some day? I dont mean it in a bad way, incase you misunder stand me! Jeb plans to be the first man to land safely on the ground in a wingsuit with out a parrashoot, and live, i understand, or recall him saying……The flight thru the mountain hole in china was extraordinarily great! Play it safe, and not so close to edge next time. Miik Fr. campbellton, NB. Ca.

  51. Eric says:

    Good to hear your doing alot better. I first saw grinding the crack last week and I can’t stop thinking about skydiving B.A.S.E. and flying a wingsuit. However I am terrified! I didn’t ride a rollercoaster until I was like 18 (lol) but I love them now, and I’ve never flown in a plane before. I am scared, any suggestions?

    ps. get better I know you’ll be the first to land without a chute. (what about a aircraft carrier type of catch or a series of break away nets.)

  52. ivan says:

    dude, having been through all the vids and documentaries, you are an awesome inspiration to me! just concerns me that you have had such misfortune in our country South Africa, Howick falls, now Table Mountain, there are a lot better places to exit around our numerous mountain ranges…..I’m glad to see you healing well bro, keep on keeping on man!

  53. stanek says:

    Hello Jeb.

    I think we’re all very happy to know you get better. But I think you must be patient, and you must wait to be good repair before a nother jump. It’s certainly hard, but keep cool. See you in the air when you will get better.


  54. Peter says:

    straight forward you are simply an inspiration to all. Your remarkable ability to overcome fear has reawakened me at this important time in my life, allowing me to seize fear in a positve way and putting it to good use every day, in every aspect of my life. Thanks so much for all that you do!

    We pray for your full recovery.

  55. brian says:

    I watched that impact over and over. How you kept your wits and pulled in time was spectacular. Keep living your dream!!!!!!

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