7 weeks later

This is what the wound looks like today :) 7 weeks after impact. Skin grafts are amazing and my doctor did an awesome job :) Thank you Mark :)

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  1. Kobus Kolver says:

    Wear that scar with pride. And as a reminder…

  2. Eric says:

    Hang in there Jeb, you’ll be back to 100% soon! :) –Eric

  3. Mack says:

    Every scar tells a tale…and Impossible is 2 letters too long!! your a legend hope you make
    a full recovery.

  4. gaston says:

    Dude, are your legs are creepy long! Lol

    • Debra Chase says:

      The female perspective, begs to differ! Ohhh, no, they are fine. They create a silhouette against the sky, that a stumpy-fireplug of a guy just can’t. His jumps aren’t just daring. They’re artistically beautiful. Air sculpture. Made to fly. Looks great in a wetsuit, too.

  5. jeremy says:

    so are shin guards going to be part of the flying apparel now?

  6. .... says:

    would recommend you lympathic drainage for a faster and better rehab…
    and a good physical therapy :-)

  7. Kevin Smith says:

    Awesome Jeb!
    I had two broken ankles and a spiral fracture of the right tib/fib with a big halo and pins everywhere back in 2002, I got sick of the question “howdya do that?!” So I started telling people “just make sure you pack yer own chute!” they would then trip out and I would finally tell them the truth…. I did it riding a beach cruiser bicycle poppin a wheelie!! But it was such a cooler story about my skydiving.
    So, if you ever get sick of telling your amazing cool story, go ahead and feel free to use my beach cruiser story! Haha
    Take care and don’t rush the rehab, you’ll feel it years later!
    Fly low and avoid the radar!

  8. daveo says:

    that looking a lot better now, you will soon be up there with the other sky gods:-)

  9. tom says:

    Looks like your legs need a shower :-) Next time, you’d better upload a picture of Roberta’s leg. It’s not such ugly at yours ! 😉
    Have a good time home and we’re all glad that you’re *just* injured but still on your feet.
    Enjoy the rest, enjoy your friends, enjoy the rest of your life.

  10. Mary Conklin says:

    Not pretty but it is alive and kicking to get going….

  11. Marc Baker says:

    Africa is not for sissys! You
    did well Jeb!

  12. Calle says:


    Just wanna say hi from Sweden and that you are awesome man!
    Keep heeling yourself now and do some more breathtaking videos! 😉


  13. James Jones says:

    Jeb, I watch your videos and I all most cry with joy. I’m 70 and retired. My last jump was 5 years ago. I was in the 82th Airborne and I was with the first group that did Halo’s off the tail gate of a C130 from 13,000 ft. It was one the most proudest moments of my life out side the birth of my kid’s. Keep flying Jeb, keep flying for those of us who can’t fly any more. Jaybo

  14. Debra Chase says:

    Wow, that’s coming along great. You’ve come a long way. xx

  15. Corey says:

    Nice grafting. Mine looks hideous after five years. Keep up the good healing.

  16. Jonny says:

    7 weeks dude. That’s unbelievable, one hell ov a reminder eh? Glad to see you are well. Respect.

  17. laplace says:

    ouch !!!! what a scar !!!! but a nice one, looks in a good way.
    you’ll be sure to never forget this !!!
    take care.

  18. Alexandra says:

    Owch that does look bad but it’s getting better an thats the main thing :) xxx

  19. Scott says:

    Some critter up on that mountain surly must have enjoyed a slice of Jebacon from that… haha

  20. Keith says:

    Not too bad at all; glad you’re OK; I would not mind dieing doing what you do; which completely freaks my wife out! p.s. You have finger toes! I think there must be some bat DNA which would explain a LOT!

  21. Jarrett says:

    Dude, you should get a tattoo around that scar when it heals…. Those are some long, squirrel like toes you got there. Looks like your good to go :)

  22. Jimmy says:

    Just wondering if your left leg hit the rocks or just your right leg? Looked like a violent hit. Glad you made it out ok! This world needs people like you in it.

  23. Kerig says:

    Jeb, your healing powers are amazing! Have you checked whether you also have an Adamantium skeleton ? :-)
    I found your videos just recently and my whole family enjoys them. I’m dreadfully afraid of heights, so thank you for allowing me to participate, through your cameras, a realm that I can only experience in short bursts within my dreams.
    Heal well!

  24. Simon Leigh says:

    Hey dude

    Glad to see the wounds are healing and healing quick too. But how are the bones getting along? Are you still using crutches or are you managing to get along without?

    All the best man.


  25. aaron bohan says:

    looks good wounds heal and chicks dig scars, hope for a speedy recovery. your vids have converted me from racing motocross to getting my skydiving licence, looks like you have more fun then me, hope to bump into and jump with u one day.keep up the good work.p.s my 4 year old boy thinks your the best and now runs around the house like a bird

  26. Bill says:

    Healing well and itching too .Your doctor’s did a nice job with the graft and you should be getting your knee’s in the breeze soon. I’ve watched the video several times and thought how close you came to impacting your knee or worse. That was too close Jeb and you have nothing to prove.Get well bro !

  27. Erica says:

    Jeb I have never met you but I’ve seen your stunts like most of your followers… Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I think about you every single day since I was introduced to you on HBO’s Real Sports. Although what you do scares the (bleep) out of me I have a lot of respect for a man like that has so much passion. For that I respect you and believe in you. Stay safe you crazy man you!! Safe… Fun choice of words on my part! You have to be doing the most unsafe sport known to man. Is it considered a sport? Oh goodness just please keep entertaining people like me and dont do anything stupid…er! Peace sweetie! To a speedy recovery!

  28. Jeff says:


    Big fan of your work! Glad you are on the road to recovery. Take care!

  29. Jim Wisneski says:

    Say Jeb, that scar kinda looks like either a tadpole, or a smoking joint. Boy have you got stories to tell!!

  30. Jim Wisneski says:

    Jeb, forgot to mention, the new website is really well done, the whole black thing and that eternal image of you ‘Grinding the Crack”, I first saw at 2M views, NOT long ago, and now its well over 10M!!! The joy you give me, free from PAIN, is beyond comparison in your videos. So glad your healing well!

  31. Emilie says:

    Hello from France!
    I’m so relieved that you’re OK. No more crashes please 😉
    Get well soon! x0x

  32. Carlos Mitchell says:

    In the dimension of rocks and 120 miles/hours that is a minor scratch . By the way Jeb, you are the best, not Jokke.. :)

  33. Chi Chi Dourado Dean says:

    Sooooo, shark bite?


    Hi Jeb !

    Your leg doesn’t look at so bad ! It seems to recover the nice way ;-)) !

    Keep your Passion man ! You will be back soon.


  35. Pietchi says:

    I first thought you hit the balloon… they look more like a hazard than anything. you missed your kneecaps. glad to know that. Your an inspiration to every vivid flying dream I’ve ever had. Cant wait to fly for real

  36. allan says:

    great work ! you was very lucky on south africa … when i have see this video i tell myself “ooh cheeaat he’s dead” !!! but no you still in life , you know jeb my job is like your base jumping , very dangerous … never forget in a very leatle small place in your head this bad crash ok ! 😉 you are the best ! no more crash 😉 be carefull 😉

  37. Dan Jermasn says:

    Hey Man I can’t get the song from Awolnation out of my head….’Sail’ fit the video of grinding the crack so perfectly. That video went viral in my house for sure. I saw the footage of your impact and almost hurled. I am glad you are well, and getting better. You are a mad man in the best kind of way. Fly soon.

  38. Shawn French says:

    Jeb, as of about two years ago you became my hero… but man do you ever have ugly, gnarly toes!! Keep healing!

  39. Andrew Fredley says:

    You are the MAN. Never forget that.

  40. tyler says:

    Jeb you are the man! get well soon my kids and me love your videos and want to see more of your crazy shit grinding the crack nuts man. So get well from my kids there 4 and 7 and they love watching you fly they want to be just like flying jeb.

  41. JZ says:

    You had a great surgeon man. 120 MPH and that’s your reminder. I’ve seen worse in my line of work. Keep up the excellent work man. Its absolutely inspiring to watch you do your thing.

  42. Aleksandr says:

    Hello from Czech Republic!
    Very happy that you got a leg becomes similar to normal 8-)))) I wish you quick recovery!!!!!!!Are you doing better videos!

  43. Bill says:

    Be back soon and 100% man. Thats nothing u just “grind” that rock 😉

  44. Ania says:

    Really nice skin grafts, but I’ve heard South Africa’s doctors are ones of the best (and most expensive) in the world. Lucky for you. 😀 Get better soon and crash no more, I want yo see you fly. ^.^

  45. Jamie Frisby, says:

    Hey Jeb,Ouch what a stinger mate!Hey its only the skin torn,painful,but i know you can take it big man Jeb!Get better soon jeb,and have a speedy recouvery mate,and get back to doing what you enjoy doing best ”WING SUIT PROXY FLYING!Me its just skydiving skydiving.litte basejumping,just recouvering actually from a pulled hamstring injury,still its only a leg,nothing going to stop me having fun in the sky!Take care Jeb.Best of Luck my Friend.Blue Skies Always.Jamie.::)))))

  46. Fagber Martinelli Ferreira da Fonseca says:

    Jeb, I am your fan and I follow his work for some time, I am Brazilian and I consider you an incredible athlete, comparable to Ayrton Senna for F1 or Pele to Soccer.

    We are praying for you and waiting for new flights amazing! whenever I see your video a flying I feel inspired and free.

    PS. Does one light kevlar plates could help protect you?

  47. Raoul says:

    Nice work indeed ! I hope you will soon fly again, good luck and stay alive.

  48. Iain says:

    You are a credit to the Human Race, Jeb. Massive respect. Get well soon and thanks for the inspiration.

  49. Mr Pink says:

    Awesome work man! Get well.

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