My shin right after impact.

Warning, this picture is kind of graphic :) But it looks much better now :) Amazing what doctors can do these days. Took only 3 surgeries to close this baby up :)

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8 Responses to My shin right after impact.

  1. stuart says:

    well nice gash bro premo well done:)

  2. Eric S. says:

    If this appeared on a movie, I would have said the wound make-up was exaggerated and not true to reality.

  3. Looks rough Jeb…..what were you doing when it happened? Base Jumping off of the Death Star? hehe….get well soon brother and keep up the amazing adventures! Huge fan and we’ll always be watching. Be well. Eric

  4. Reid Morris says:

    nice one

  5. Emmanuel says:

    One of my dream is to jump with you one of these days, so get well soon!

  6. Danny van der Walle says:

    Yow. That sucks the big one.
    I thought you’d be carrying a first aid kit in the wingsuit to at least cover it over.
    Good to see you’re on the mend and still in high spirit.

  7. allan says:

    ouch !!!! good luck for the futur jeb !!! be carfull 😉
    stay like this with your fantastique video !!! when i look them i dreaming !!! but be carefull !

    allan , french fire figther .

  8. Hi again my friend Jeb !!

    Watching this pict., I am very happy for you that the doctors had succeeded their surgeries on your leg bone.

    Nice also to see that you have good friend who are coming to the hospital to meet you and give strenght to recover the better way !

    Go on guy ! YOU gave me my huge Passion for B.A.S.E. jumping by “OLN fearless” documents many years ago now.
    That has really changed my whole perception of life …
    Since that day, I have NEVER end one single day without thinking about this drug : B.A.S.E. jumping …
    And my addiction will probably last for the rest of my days, just like a tatoo on my skin …

    GET UP DUDE !!! I want you to be back asap !!! …

    CYA …


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