New body armor for jumping

I went for a hike with my new knee braces from DonJoy and all I can say is WOW. They are amazing. I just wish I had them when I hit table mountain. If I had been wearing these I would still have my ACL in my left knee. From now on I will never jump without them again :)

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5 Responses to New body armor for jumping

  1. Maciek says:

    Ur awsome ! Greetz from Poland 😀 I realy love Your attitude to live and movies, both are inspiring for me! Good You back for life !

  2. Jim Wisneski says:

    We always learn AFTER we have an accident, but I see you got your priorities in order. But Jeb, this protection is in case you strike again…..You gotta just stop trying to get so close, you`ve done enough close shaves my friend. Now focus on the flights, not scraping the terra firma!!!

  3. dude you are a Hero!!!!!

  4. are the braces poly carbonate?

  5. Igor says:

    You’ve lost ACL, but you’ve got another brain now. Do not worry, found more than lost. We love you, Jeb.

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