First jump back :) Feels so good to be back in the air :)

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New body armor for jumping

I went for a hike with my new knee braces from DonJoy and all I can say is WOW. They are amazing. I just wish I had them when I hit table mountain. If I had been wearing these I would still have my ACL in my left knee. From now on I will never jump without them again :)

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The shoes made it without a scratch.

These shoes took an impact at 120mph and they are in the exact same shape they were before the impact :) I also only broke three toes which is really not to bad :) I even got to keep the toe nails :)

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Officially off crutches :)

Just 7 and a half weeks after impact :)

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7 weeks later

This is what the wound looks like today :) 7 weeks after impact. Skin grafts are amazing and my doctor did an awesome job :) Thank you Mark :)

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My shin right after impact.

Warning, this picture is kind of graphic :) But it looks much better now :) Amazing what doctors can do these days. Took only 3 surgeries to close this baby up :)

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new helmet

I love my new helmet :)

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Finally home

Got home and fixed my broken computer so now I can start blogging again :) Heading to Conan tonight to get made fun of for being a dumb ass and hurting my self :) It feels so nice to be out of bed and moving around again. I am shocked at how fast I am getting better :) I looked at my skin graft this morning and it actually kind of looks like skin now :) The scar is not going to be as horrible as I first thought :) I can also now walk for little distances without crutches :) Very very soon I will be in the air again :)

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Jumping Table Mountain for HBO

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Weather in Africa

It’s been perfect the last few days but the flu has taken me down. I am hoping to start feeling better soon because I really want to jump :)

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